Faculty Development

Why develop as an Educator?

Clinical experience alone is not a proxy for capability as a Simulation Based Educator. For individuals new to the field, Simulation Based Education often appears easy to deliver, however their early experiences expose the challenges of this powerful and exciting educational vehicle. The benefits of using simulation as an educational tool are markedly enhanced by the characteristics and ability of the teaching faculty.

What can we offer you?

Within SCSCHF we have faculty development courses and a faculty development programme. Our faculty development courses will give you the tools you need to develop and deliver Simulation Based Education for your own professional environment. If you want to understand a bit about the SCSChf.org ethos for Planned Learning just CLICK HERE. A considerable amount of time and expertise has been dedicated to making this course the best it can be and these courses are open to all. The courses are also extremely good value for money. For example the EuSIM 3-day course costs €1300-1495/£1026-1180 per person. The aim of our faculty development programme is to invest in and develop faculty who primarily deliver simulation back at their base, but also make a commitment to help deliver education at SCSCHF.  Individuals engaged with the programme will benefit from the expertise, resources and ongoing support that we can offer at the Centre.

Introduction to Simulation Faculty Development Course

This is a train the trainers type of course that gives you the tools to be able to run effective and efficient simulation for learning in your own organisations. The course is mapped to the the Scottish National Outcomes Framework for Simulation Faculty Development and covers high level outcomes across all three tiers.

Simulation Faculty Development Programme

Once you have attended the Introduction to Simulation Course, we can provide you with a structure for your continued development in providing simulation. Use a copy of our development portfolio to record your activity and development to evidence your position as a healthcare educator. Engaging with the programme means that we will be available to you to discuss your progress on a one to one basis.  We also run online metadebriefing sessions where you can give and receive feedback on debriefing. We have many courses on our calendar that you can come along to and co-deliver with a permanent faculty member, as part of this process you will have individual support and feedback regarding your performance as a simulation facilitator.

In addition to our 2 day Faculty
Development course, one of our experienced faculty also offers online workshops
to provide ongoing support to simulation practitioners. There are several different sessions. All sessions come under Tier 2 of the Scottish
National Outcomes Framework for Simulation Faculty Development (more info about
the via SCSChf.org Faculty Development tab).

These 1 hour online sessions are available to those who have completed our introduction to simulation course and sim leads who are interested please get in touch for a QI code to share with appropriate faculty members.

The session topics are:

01A: Debrief Vs Feedback

02B: Question Styles

03C: Scenario Design

These are interactive sessions
which will be held over Zoom for between 3 and 10 participants.

Sessions are 40minutes.

contact: fv.scschf@nhs.scot for dates and availability.

A National Outcomes Framework for Faculty Development in Simulation

This is a collaboration between CS MEN, The Scottish Centre for Simulation and Clinical Human Factors, BASICS, Faculty of Surgical Trainers, University of Dundee, and The College of Emergency Medicine. It led to the development of a national approach to the provision and development of high level outcomes for standard faculty development for simulation based educators.  Three tiers of faculty development for SBL educators have been identified with strategic intended learning outcomes. These are awareness, introductory and advanced tiers.

The Introduction to Simulation Course at SCSCHF spans all 3 tiers. Take a look and see which outcomes you deliver for your simulation faculty.

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Faculty Development Resources

SCSChf Annotated Model
An Introduction to Simulation – Mobile Skills Unit 
An Introduction to Simulation 
Debriefing Assessment for Simulation in Healthcare (DASH) Student Version
National Outcomes Framework
Objective Structured Assessment of Debriefing (OSAD)
Scenario Storyboard Tool 
Immersive Simulation for Planned Learning
Reading List

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