Who are we?

Established in 1998 and part-funded by NHS Education for Scotland, the Scottish Centre for Simulation and Clinical Human Factors (SCSCHF) is a state-of-the-art training and education facility. The SCSCHF has a long record of delivering high quality education to multi-professional groups through simulation.

The centre boasts a range of mid and high fidelity mannequins including adult, child, baby and neonatal simulators accommodated within two multipurpose simulation suites. These areas can be transformed to represent virtually any clinical location of your hospital, affording maximum flexibility and adding to the unique psychological fidelity that the SCSCHF experience provides.The Centre’s faculty of clinical educators has a wealth of collective experience reflected in a national and international reputation in areas of education, research and assessment.

Why use simulation?

The unique value of education and training through simulation is evident to all who have experienced this methodology on both sides of the trainer and student continuum. The lessons learned and benefits accrued from other high reliability industries that have adopted and integrated simulation into training processes are incredibly positive. Simulation can be used to train people and analyse processes using a systems approach, looking at, the person, the team, the task, the workplace and the organisation as a whole.


Develop a network of experts in simulation and human factors training.


Develop and deliver effective courses and training packages.


Promote simulation based education through research and collaboration.


All courses are designed and delivered by an expert simulation faculty and include experts in appropriate subject matter to ensure learning objectives are appropriate to the groups for whom courses are designed. Learning objectives are mapped to curricula or knowledge and skills frameworks where available. Prospective participants are invited to apply for places on advertised courses. Institutions or specialist groups can commission courses for larger groups at highly competitive rates.

“Engaging throughout”

Engaging throughout with new learning and building on existing knowledge in practical and theoretical ways.

“Difficult conversations”

It was particularly useful to have the opportunity to simulate some of the difficult conversations and situations that you have to face.

“Enjoyed the blend”

Enjoyed the blend of the board and the simulated patients/real staff members.