Debriefing Assessment for Simulation in Healthcare (DASH) Student Version

DASH SV is a tool from the Center for Medical Simulation at Harvard which allows participants to rate your debriefing. Contact us to have your email address and centre added to the eForm. You will then be able to receive your feedback directly to your inbox. Give your participants the link (at the bottom of this page) to the form where they can assess you anonymously.

Technical Notes

This online form is free to use as part of our faculty development programme. (Data charges may apply)

To receive feedback, gmail addresses will almost certainly work, other email servers may have filters that block the feedback emails but we are happy to test this with you. Furthermore, having a google account will allow you to access the data in spreadsheet format. If you do not have a free google account, we can supply the data to you in spreadsheet format annually, by individual agreement.

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