Scottish Inter-Facility Transfers (SHiFT)


Duration: 1 Day

Available dates will show green in the calendar. New dates are added when available.


The ShIFT course is taught by experienced paramedics and intensive care specialists, and is aimed at the learning needs of ST1-2 trainees in emergency medicine, anaesthesia, and intensive care medicine. The course uses practical demonstrations and six simulated clinical scenarios, both in the hospital environment and in a front line ambulance, to address  the following elements of the RCoA 2010 curriculum.

  • TF_BK_01 Explains the importance of ensuring that the patient’s clinical condition is optimised prior to transfer.
  • TF_BK_05 Outlines the physical hazards associated with intra-hospital transfer
  • TF_BK_06 Explains the problems caused by complications arising during transfer and the measures necessary to minimise and pre-empt difficulties
  • TF_BK_14 Understands hospital protocols governing transfer of patients between departments
  • TF_BK_15 Outlines the importance of maintaining communication with the patient and members of the transfer team.
  • TF_BS_01 Demonstrates the necessary organisational and communication skills to plan,manage and lead the intra- hospital transfer of a stable patient
  • TF_BS_02 Demonstrates how to set up the ventilator and confirm correct functioning prior to commencing transfer
  • TF_BS_03 Demonstrates safety in securing the tracheal tube securely prior to commencing the movement/transfer
  • TF_BS_04 Demonstrates the ability to calculate oxygen and power requirements for the journey
  • TF_BS_05 Demonstrates safety in securing patient, monitoring and therapeutics before transfer
  • TF_BK_06 Demonstrates how to check the functioning of drug delivery systems
  • TF_BS_07 Demonstrates appropriate choices of sedation, muscle relaxation and analgesia to maintain the patient’s clinical status during transfer
  • TF_BS_08 Demonstrates the ability to maintain monitoring of vital signs throughout transfer
  • TF_BS_09 Demonstrates the ability to maintain clinical case recording during transfer

Simulated WPBA relating to the above can be completed during the course, if arranged at the beginning of the day.