The Obstetric Patient in Emergency Medicine (TOPEM)

Duration: 1 Day
Course Facilitator: Dr Joel Burton and Dr Laura McGregor (Consultants, EM); Kate Patrick & Oliver Milling Smith (Consultants, O&G)

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This course was developed as a result of a review of the training needs expressed by Scottish Emergency Medicine trainees. As the majority of obstetric patients bypass the ED and head straight for triage, those expectant mothers who do end up in the ED can be a challenge for ED staff.

This course will expose EM trainees (ST3+) and consultants and nursing staff to obstetric emergencies such as eclampsia and ante-partum haemorrhage. Although technical skills and clinical management will be discussed, a major theme of this course will be the essential non-technical skills in the multi-disciplinary setting, such as communication, prioritisation, role allocation and leadership.

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