Scottish Acute Major Trauma Team Training

From: £50.00

Duration: 1 Day
Course Facilitators (Lead): Dr Joel Burton (EM) and Dr Laura McGregor (EM)

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Scottish Acute Major Trauma Team Training course – a bespoke, multidisciplinary, multispecialty, Scottish national trauma simulation course focussed on safe, person centred, effective acute in-hospital trauma care. This is delivered in a collaborative, inclusive, equitable and accessible approach. It aims to maximise educational and clinical impact, and utilise the unique trauma and educational skills available across Scotland.

The Scottish Acute Major Trauma Team Training course will be based on constructivist learning theory, where participants gain new knowledge and ideas by expanding and developing existing knowledge – both their own and that of their multi-disciplinary team colleagues. As the course progresses participants will gain opportunities to review key learning and create links between concepts and deepen their understanding of 21st century trauma care in the Scottish context. This experiential learning and social constructivism ensures participants benefit and build progressively more skills, knowledge and shared culture with each new scenario and learning opportunity. The high fidelity nature will ensure a ‘psychologically realistic’ fully immersive educational environment as close to day to day practice as possible.

The SAMTTT primary course objective is to ensure the task – trauma patient MDT based initial assessment and management – is performed safely on the basis of sound scientific understanding, decision making and analysis. This will be tailored to the professional standards, clinical governance, ethical and medicolegal contexts and frameworks pertinent to contemporary Scotland.


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