Anaesthetists Non-Technical Skills (ANTS)

Duration: 1 Day
Course Facilitators: Dr Michael Moneypenny and Dr Ed Mellanby

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This course has been designed for Consultants, SAS Doctors, and ST3+ trainees in Anaesthesia. Non-technical skills are the cognitive and social skills that complement workers technical skills, and contribute to safe and efficient task performance.  Anaesthetists work in an environment where safety and teamwork are paramount, and good non-technical skills are vital to patient wellbeing.

The Anaesthetists  Non-Technical Skills framework was developed by a group of Anaesthetists and Psychologists, to provide a tool to help understand, recognise, and describe the non-technical skills deemed most appropriate to the practice of Anaesthesia. This includes the skills of situation awareness, decision making, team-working and task-management.  This 1 day course aims to increase understanding of the concepts and language used to describe non-technical skills, and to use the ANTS tool to recognise behaviours linked to categories within the ANTS framework.

The course includes a combination of short presentations, and facilitated discussions of videoed simulated scenarios to observe and recognise behaviours related to non-technical skills using the ANTS framework.

Course Documentation

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