New dates available for IPSES course

The Scottish Centre for Simulation and Clinical Human Factors (SCSCHF) is increasing the number of dates for the interdisciplinary acute and emergency medicine course Improving Patient Safety in Emergency Situations (IPSES).

This 1 day course will provide interdisciplinary simulation training on a range of emergency situations which can occur in acute hospital settings. Realistic, high fidelity simulation with informative debriefing sessions will be facilitated by expert faculty. It is suitable for acute medicine and emergency medicine department junior and middle grade doctors and all grades of nurses.

IPSES starts at 0845 and finishes at 1700. For further details and to book a place on the course please see the IPSES course page.

Paricipant feedback:-

“I found it very helpful, and would definitely recommend it for all levels of staff”

“realistic scenarios”, “friendly and relaxed environment”, “very helpful to take part in our own roles”

“Great in depth debrief afterwards and adequate discussion of the positives and challenges, balanced with great advice and reflection on how to tackle these challenges in practice”